The Ancient Cave

This particular and very unique grotto which dates back to the 14th century, was once used to press olives. Today, the grotto has been carefully renovated and converted into a cozy place where you can relax and get carried away. It really is a magical place. Inside there is soft lighting and chromotherapy. In the restoration it was decided to not distorting its essence; and so was born, the idea to follow his deep and accompany its nature, restoring and enhancing its beauty and transforming it into an engaging and fascinating place of worship. Inside there are lights and Chromo-therapeutic for the worship of the spirit and body; it also used for tasting of local products in the organized events, such as extra virgin olive oil or wine from local farms. it is also possible simply lie down on the very comfortable beds and get carried away by the wonderful sensations that this ancient place redirects.This place is a place of peace and happiness where you can really take away from a world that has become too hectic and unfortunately far from the call of nature. The enter in the grotto must be comunicated in advance at service staff.